The Rotary Living Treasures Process Extends your Club's Community Service
  • Each year the nomination process encourages people in your community to look around them and acknowledge neighbors who insipre tem as role models. Any one can nominate a Rotary Living Treasure, students, professionals, store keepers, ANYONE.

  • Rotary Living Treasures encourages these nominees to share their talents, knowledge and experience with their community at no cost. It makes community service programs available available without Rotary having to provide the volunteers for each project. It extends Rotary's manpower and Rotary's reach.

  • It bring community awareness to your club's existing community service projects. The Rotary Club has the opportunity to publicize all the other project Rotary is involved in (Polio Plus, Search and Rescue Dog Federation, Literacy, etc.)

    The Rotary Living Treasures Increases Rotary Publicity

    The Rotary Living Treasures process reaches deep into the community and touches people of all ages. It is a tremendous tool to broadcast your club's presence each and every year.


  • your club's name on every ballot distributed during the nomination process. Club's can distribute the ballots far and wide in the community as they please. Many Rotary clubs hold their nominations the same week each March. Ballots are distributed to every house of worship, every service club, every school, and every shooping bag at a local market for two days. Your club may wish to start smaller and just distribute the ballots to Rotarians, or limit it to schools and service club. Each year your club can expand distribution.

  • announcing in the local newspaper the Rotary Living Treasures of your community. This would be wonderful publicity and recognition for your club.

  • that your neighboring Rotary Clubs also conduct a Rotary Living Treasure nomination and the local and county-wide newspapers pick it up. "Rotary is promoting Community spirit"

  • that every time a Rotary Living Treasure goes out into the community to give their program, a Rotary symbol is on all of their handouts, menitioned as a sponsor and credited with this great program. As number of Rotary Living Treasures grows, the size of the bureau you could offer the community.
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