How to Contact Us:

The Living Treasures WorldWide

PO Box 1777

Ojai, CA 93024

Ask for:

Sanford Drucker, Founder,

Contact Names:

Sanford Drucker
Office: (805) 646-9562


Rotary Clubs of Ojai Living Treasures Joint Committee

Chairman.. Fred Fauvre, MD

Rotary Club of Ojai:

Fred Fauvre, MD

Sanford Drucker

Matry Babayco

Carl Gross, MD

Berkley Baker

Judy Gabriel

Al West

Rotary Club of Ojai West:

Jane Clenahan

Rene Briggs

Reggie Wood

Richard McArther

Living Treasures Worldwide Board of Directors

David Bonham - President

Sanford Drucker - Founder

Judy Gabriel - Exec. Director

Paul Blatz - Director

Rene Briggs - Director

Reggie Wood - Director


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