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Wendy Hilgers


Wendy Hilgers moved to Ojai in 1969 with her family. Since their arrival, Wendy and her family have served the Ojai Valley in numerous ways.

Initially, she volunteered at school and became involved with after school programs. "Sally Iwata was and remains my mentor.", she maintains.

Throughout the years she has volunteered at St. Joseph's Care Center, Help of Ojai, Memorial Day Committee, 4th of July Committee, Ojai Tennis Tournament, Ojai Day, Libbey Park and Parks and Recreation programs, to name just a few.

In 1995, the community began working on a skate park for the local youth. 1998 was the year that Wendy became involved. The Hilgers donated time, labor, and money to build the temporary and subsequent permanent park.

"Ojai is a wonderful community, andit seems only natural to do whatever we can do to help. I am always inspired by groups like the Rotary Clubs and the many gifts they give to the people of our town."





Mentor: Bret Bradigan, Rotary Club of Ojai