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Tony Thacher



The name, Thacher is woven into the historical fabric that is Ojai. It is associated with a school, a road, Pixie Tangerines, the Ojai Tennis Tournament, the Ojai Museum, and many other things.

He, his wife, and family are so generous to the community. He runs Friend's Ranch with his wife of 50 years, Anne, and his children. He has consistently shared his citrus, his monetary assets and his time for the good of the Ojai Community.

He supports the Ojai Tennis Tournament, started by his family in the late 1800s. He has been involved with the Regional Water Control Board, where he became interested in water availability and quality in the Ventura and Los Angeles areas.

He has been a member of Ojai Rotary for over 40 years, a former President. He was a prime mover in the Club's educational scholarship program which gave 18 scholarships this past year. He serves at the Ojai Museum, is on the advisory board of CREW and enjoys traveling. He returned recently from a trip to Cuba, where he organized donations of baseball equipment for their youth.