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Dr. Tony and Barbara Hirsch


Dr. Tony and Barbara Hirsch have "worked tirelessly to bring peace through compassion and understanding", as founder of Living Treasures put it. Barbara, with the help of local artist, Richard Amend, helped establish Art Matters, which brings artists to speak to and teach patients at the Ojai Valle Community Hospital Continuing Care Center. Tony has also been involved in the Arts as Past President and Board Member of the Ojai Film Society. He has also served on the Board of Ojai Valley Hospital, and Program Chair for the Ojai Hospital Guild. They have worked together on fund raising events for the Ojai Music Festival. In 2005, Barbara started Operation Picasso. 200 paintings by local artists were donated to grace the rooms and halls of Ojai Valley Hospital. She has been able to export this program to the soon to be new Community Memorial Hospital, and at other places around the country. As Tony observes, "Behind every creative,energetic woman is a man. And that's my role, and I see nothing wrong with that.