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Sharon Cline


Sharon Cline was raised in Azuza California and came to Ojai and became involved in a myriad of roles as a Librarian, Parent Guild officer, Junior Girl Scout leader, Senior Scout Advisor, Boy Scout Advisor, and Badge Cordinator. Upon her husband, Austin's retirement, they traveled extensively and always returned to Ojai with the willingness to serve. She is currently on the Ojai Independence Day Committee as a Board Member and Christmas Wreath Chairman for the Ojai Valley Garden Club. Through the Rotary Club of Ojai West she had worked extensively for their premier fundraiser, the Wine Festival, at Lake Casitas and the Floating Classroom, a boat that takes local students onto Lake Castias for teaching about the local ecology and biodiversity Sharon's sums it up by saying, "Most of the things I have done have been the small things nothing really big or important to life or death. They were fun doing them and being involved with the Youth and helping where I could to make their progression to adulthood al little easy and fun."