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Scott Smith


Scott "Smitty West" Smith describes himself as a Musician, Farmer, and Humanitarian Activist. He is currently the President of the Ojai Rotary Club.

His songwriting has produced two full-length albums. His song, Lady of the Aisle, recently was selected 2008 Song of the Year by the MAVRIC music awards. He is active in community music programs including a local songwriters' group, theater musical productions, and churches.

In 2003, he became active in landmine awareness and has spearheaded efforts to rid war-torn nations of the scourge of mines and unexploded ordnance in Bosnia, Lebanon, Bosnia, and Afghanistan. He does this work through the Marshall Legacy Institue.

Scott and his wife, Betsy live on and operate Euterpe Farms, a native plant farm located on the Ventura River in Meiners Oaks, dedicated to establishing and maintaining sustainable horticulture and faming.

With a BS in geology, he worked in New Orleans in the 80's. Scott observes, "I learned of a custom practiced by a family at a village in the Holy Valley of Lebanon: The men were expected to put aside their careers when they reached their 40's...the prime of their life...and dedicate at least a decade to the pursuit of creative, artistic, and humanitarian activites. Perhaps this will change your life and the lives of those around you. If not, you can always go back to your traditional career. It is changing mine."





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