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Sanford Drucker, Founder of Living Treasures  


It only took 12 years, but Sanford is finally recognized for the true Living Treasure that he is. Mr. Drucker has always been busy. A graduate of Stanford on the GI bill, he served as officer and director of many large corporations including Bateman-Eichler, Timm Aircraft, Electrovision, Portfolio Management, King International, Century United Corp., International Public Health, and Monogram Industries. After retirement in 1970, he became an advisor to the governments of Western Samoa and Mexico. He founded Vivo Metrics, makers of a Lifeshirt which enables continuous monitoring of vital signs. In 1993, he founded Living Treasures in Ojai and dedicates his time to promoting the idea of recognition of those that give their time and talents to their community through the Rotary-sponsored Living Treasures program since 1999. In 2002, Mr. Drucker formed Veterans Stories, a partnership which includes the US Library of Congress, Veteran History Project. He created a sustaining donation to Ojai Library. Sanford assists individuals to form Personal Teams so they can live a full, healthy, and happy life.






Sanford Drucker