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Paul Garth


Mr. Paul Garth was born and raised in the United Kingdom. He emigrated to the United States in 1983 to finish his schooling and graduated from Fordham University with a degree in computer science.

He was a pilot, flying with the South Bay Civil Air Patrol as their First Lieutenant Safety Officer and FAA Aviation Safety Counselor.

He joined the David Allen Company in Ojai as their Director of Technology.

Paul has a strong sense of community service from the early 1990's as a volunteer for Bronx Fordham-Belmont Safety Patrol which led to the participation in CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). Shortly thereafter, he earned his Ham Radio License.

He now is a FCC Volunteer Examiner, and CERT Coach during Refresher Exercises. He participates in the Ojai Valley CERT, Ojai Valley Amateur Radio Club, and Ojai American Red Cross. He has forwarded and expanded the annual OK Drill in the Ojai Valley which trains local citizens to respond appropriately in a mass disaster.




Mentor: John Haag, Ojai West Rotary Club