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Lillian Tally


Lillian Tally has had a lifelong love of music starting with playing the flute in 6th grade.

Years later, she found herself still involved with music. She helps the Ojai Unified School District in many ways. Ms. Tally helps with planning, organizing, and coordinating of the elementary school music programs.

"For many students, music is the connection with school--their social life, a way for them to express themselves."

She has volunteered for the Music Van part of the Ojai Music Festival's Bravo! program. They bring their van full of instruments to every school so that all of the 4th graders can try them, leading many of them to play with the Ojai Unified School District Bands.

Lillian is an active member of Ojai Rotary West and the Ojai Valley Women's Club. She adds, "I really enjoy all aspects of the community that we live in, whether it's public education, the different social organizations, as well as community service organizations. I think all of them are vital to any community."