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Lavonne Theriault


Lavonne Theriault was born in Deadwood, South Dakota amidst the adventursome, vibrant lore of the old West and colorful characters. As a child, she observed Mount Rushmore being constructed and had a brown bag lunch on George Washington's head.

Lavonne and her husband, Doug came to Ojai in 1954 for a one-year stay, intending to move up to the Bay Area. However, following the birth of their daughter April, the mystique of Ojai worked its charm upon them and they stayed to adopt this as their permanent home.

Music has always been a major part of her life and she has been a participating member of numerous musical groups throughout Ventura County. She serves on the board of various musical and civic organizations locally. Now retired, she bills herself a professional volunteer, happy to give back to her community.







Mentor: Kathy Doubleday-Jones, Ojai West Rotary Club