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Laura Denne


Music soothes the soul of the savage beast--or so they say. Local music teacher, Laura Denne, believes that music can soothe the soul of anyone willing to embrace it. She has dedicated more than 20 years of her life educating local youngsters in music. She is best known for her musical contributions to the valley. She has taught children the art of making music, started the Ojai Valley Youth Band, and helped form the Ojai Band where she plays bass clarinet during the summer concert series at Libby Park. Laura taught at Summit School and, during that time, revised the curriculum for the Ojai Unified School District music program to incorporate an independant study program for home schooled students. In 1998, she was recognized as Independent Studies Teacher of the Year for these accomplishments. She retired this past year and plans to travel with her husband, Bob (a Living Treasure as well). She said, "I'm truly honored to be a Living Treasure, although my living treasures are my family and students."