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Kay Bliss


Kay is a licensed clinical social worker with a practice in Ojai. She is a deacon of the Ojai Presbyterian Church and a very active member of the Rotary Club of Ojai.

Through her many travels, Kay saw many needs and sought ways to help. Through Rotary, her expertise in securing grant monies, and personally visiting these areas, she has achieved phenomenal success.

In collaboration with Leslie Clark, she has aided the Nomads of Niger, securing grant monies for training midwives, providing a means of clean water, and aiding in creation of microbusinesses.

She secured a grant, $78,000, for the Streetgirls of Ghana Program which provides young pregnant women who live on the street in Accra with safe housing, prenatal instruction, and employable skills to break their cycle of poverty.

Similarly, aid has been given to the Tibetan Aid Foundation which is providing medical care, a mobile medical clinic, and much more for the people of Tibet.

To quote Kay, "It is so wonderful because I do not have the personal resources to be a philanthropist, but I found this way to get money to projects that I feel strongly about."