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Jon and Linda Lambert


They have been described as "The quintessential treasures of Ojai"

Jon and Linda are retired educators that care about their Community. It starts with helping their neighbors in their day to day tasks. Linda observes: "There are alot of folks there who don't have a lot of family nearby, so you sort of fill in that little gap."

One of their passions is he Tibetan Aid Foundation, with Jon as Vice-President and Linda as Events Coordinator. This Foundation, in conjunction with Dorjee Tsewang, supports health care and education in rural areas of Tibet. Through their efforts, local health care providers have gone from an 8 by 8 hut to a 12 room clinic in the ChZhu Valley of Tibet. From there, other projects including water and educational scholarships were spawned.

Jon is the President of the Ojai Valley Library Friends and Foundation. They are in the process of finishing plans to rebuild Twice Sold Tales, the library's used book store.

Linda teaches an English class on Wednesday nights to Latino students, and tutors a woman from Uzbekistan. Linda coordinates the English as a Second Language Program for the entire Valley.

As to why they do all these activities in the first place? "We had very fortunate lives. We enjoyed doing what we did as educators and trveling as we do, and we feel it's time to give back when you can. That's why we got involved. Simple as that really."