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Fred Rothenberg


Fred and his wife, Ila came to Ojai 13 years ago after retiring from his Rothenberg Health Systems. As a young adult, he worked for his brother's photography company. Photography became his hobby and he has donated freely his technical and artistic talents to the Ojai Community. He took astonishing photos of all phases of the demolishing and reconstruction of the Libbey Bowl. By focusing his lens, he focused our attention on the Bowl and helped make it a reality. Fred and his wife volunteers at HELP of Ojai, creating the book "Faces of Help of Ojai", recognizing other senior volunteers. He has photographed paintings for theOjai Studio Artists Tour. He has photographed houses for the Ojai Music Festival's Holiday Home Look In fundraiser. He has served as Treasurer for the Ojai Valley Library Friends and Foundation and chaired the Finance Committee for the local Jewish synagogue. He has helped to establish and run the Twice Sold Tales bookstore whose profits benefit local libraries. He and his wife volunteer at the Ojai Valley Community Hospital by entertaining the patients at the Continuing Care Center. On community service Rothenberg noted: "It makes me feel good. It's providing a useful service that people appreciate. I've been very fortunate. I have a wonderful family, am financially secure, and have reasonable health. It's a little bit of a way to pay back".